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I'm amazed when I realize what's available to us. Taking film-making as an example. We used to need intimidating infrastructure; film-making tools and resources were not available to the majority of us. We now have it all; we have access to high quality gear and online education to create whatever film we dream of. People are open and able to share, teach and collaborate easily. We now have most tool in our pockets, allowing us to document thinks on a whim and hare fast. The world is open and transparent. We get invited behind the scenes to participate in the creation process f others. We are empowered customers but also creators pressed to share our secrets. It's possible to create solo but close to impossible to make it alone. 

     Yet, in this abundant world, there are still things that can crush our creativity if we let them.  If we keep glorifying dissatisfaction and the feeling of not enough, we can keep dragging our personal heavy lead ball, preventing us from waling the creativity path.  Let's get inspired by this limitless world of abundance available to us, pick up our tools and get creative.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." __DOUGLAS ADAMS, THE LONG DRK TEA-TIME OF THE SOUL

     Living life by Design

      We often choose the default option just because we didn't have to choose it; it is just there.  Our computer screensaver is the picture of the mountains, the one that it came with.  We are not really into the mountain but choose to look at them we open our laptops because we can't be bothered changing the default image.  We listen to songs on auto-play, buy books based on a computer recommendation saying "you may also like…"  We end up going somewhere because we were invited, take something because we were offered it.  We choose options based on their ease; everything is prepared for us so we say yes nd proudly admit that we "go with the flow."

     It takes courage to live the life you want especially because we are surrounded by those who settled.  We need to have the drive within and instead of being inspired by others, we have to be inspired by our dreams.  There are those who will keep dreaming and others who will start living their dreams.  Those who aspire to live by design will dream, plan and execute, and those living by default settle for temporary comfort and keep dreaming their dreams without a plan to live them.  They defer taking action ;and choose to ettle for the safety of their paychecks.  They start believing that a job is not supposed to be interesting or fulfilling, that it's a job.  They work to live and wait for retirement when they'll be able to live the life they want.

     You know what life path you want to follow; don't let anyone derail you. Continue designing life on your own terms and living your unconventional life.  Don't try to calculate the length of the process.  You may not be able to determine when you'll start living your dream life.  You may be getting ready for it building it, and there will be a day when you wake up and will know that you have stepped into your greatness.


  How Do You Measure Your Life?

  Society conditions us to think that success is to be measured with money.  Accumulating the latest toys, splurging on extravagant vacations, and buying big houses my eem like the recipe for fulfillment, but all these possessions may only feed our dissatisfaction by making us want bigger and better.  e don;t know the taste of enough, an being in a constant hustle for more makes us unable to enjoy what we have.  There will be always those who started earlier, who are more successful, and who have more.  We notice them, and even if we look away, trying to mind our business, there is social media, which makes sure we see it all amplified.  It's important to realize tha there are many ways to measure your life.  Purpose, profit, fame, money, fun, and time are just a few of them.  Once you give yourself permission to measure your life according to what's important to you, you will start designing your lile on your own terms.

     Taking a step back mindfully is crucial, as you may get too busy and forget what's important in measuring your life.  A company you work for may try to convince you that life should be measured with money.  They could be motivating you with higher raises and asking you to devote more time and energy to work.  Having money as a sole work motivator may work for some time, but one day you may get an internal wakeup call and realize that time is the way you want to measure your life.  You'll start considering quitting your job and starting a business to be in chare of your time.

     There are those that work at the job they hate for years because they're incentivize by money.  As a result of their great paychecks and high raises, they adust their life styles:

by Ana Sabino